We’re a bank with a simple
philosophy: improve the way
banks work.

About Us

Our Mission

Republic Bank strives to be the premier locally owned and community supported financial services institution in northern Minnesota.

To accomplish this mission we will:

  • Provide our customers with the highest standards of excellence and service in all areas of our banking operations.
  • Provide and promote an environment conducive to quality, competitive financial service.
  • Develop, encourage and support our management team and staff.
  • Provide financial support to various community organizations which strive to make our region a better place for all its citizens without regard to race, nationality, creed or economic status.

Our History

It’s been awhile now since we opened our doors to people and progress in northeastern Minnesota, and so far, our customers and our company have done quite well.

The bank was founded in 1978 as Miller Hill State Bank. In October of 1986, Jeno F. Paulucci, our current owner, purchased the bank and continues to be the sole shareholder.

At that time, the bank changed its name to Republic Bank of Miller Hill, and in 1989, shortened it to Republic Bank, Inc. That same year, we expanded, opening a second location—this time in downtown Duluth.

Our commitment to customers—and to improving banking on all levels—lead to considerable growth in our offices, and we now operate locations:

  • Miller Hill, Duluth
  • Downtown Duluth
  • West Duluth
  • Woodland Avenue, Duluth
  • Esko, MN
  • Hibbing, MN

In addition, our Downtown, Miller Hill and Hibbing locations have mortgage offices.

Republic Bank now employs 85 people across the region, serving over 9,000 customers and managing more than $290,000,000 in total assets.