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Credit Cards

Worldwide buying power and flexible repayment options make a Visa business credit card the right choice for everything from travel and office supply expenses to cell-phone charges and utility bills.

With your Visa Business Card and Visa Business Travel Card you also get:

Expense Control
Effectively separate business and personal charges to ensure accurate, comprehensive expense tracking.

Streamlined Accounts Payable
Use your card and write just one check per month, allowing for reduced check-writing costs and a complete record of all transactions.

Tax Advantages
Receipts and statements provide documentation for tax filing, audits and expense management.

Company Name on Card
You get Visa, your company gets visibility.

Free Year-End Reporting
Get a summary of total spending for the year by charge category. Monthly reporting is available at an additional fee.

Consolidated Company Statement
See one central billing statement each month (with charges grouped by cardmember) and review everything at a single glance.

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