Current Rates

Type of Mortgage Term Rate APR2 Points Payment4
Conventional Fixed Rate $100,000 and over1 15 years  3.250%  3.483%  $702.67 
30 years  4.000%  4.132%  $477.42 
VA Fixed Rate $100,000 and Over 15 Years  3.375%  3.606%  $708.76 
30 Years  3.875%  4.006%  $470.24 

Rates as of 05/25/2017.

Rates are not guaranteed until you sign a locked interest rate agreement. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates and terms vary depending on the specific loan characteristics and applicant credit profile. Other rates and products are available, including VA loans. Rates quoted are for single family, owner occupied, primary residence only.

1 Jumbo loans (loan amount greater than $417,000) and loans less than $100,000 may differ in rate.

2 These Rates and Annual Percentage Rates (APR) assume a loan amount of $100,000 with a 20% down payment. A down payment of less than 20% would require private mortgage insurance, which would increase the APR.

3 FHA Loans require an upfront and an annual mortgage insurance premium. This rate and annual percentage rate includes a mortgage insurance payment added to the monthly principal and interest payment.

4 Payment equals the monthly principal and interest payment for conventional loans. The FHA payment includes the monthly mortgage insurance premium.

5 Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. The actual payment obligation will be greater.