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Cash/Check Cards

Visa Check Card—the easiest way to pay!
Use it anywhere Visa is accepted—from grocery stores to gas stations—and the funds come from your checking account just as if you’d written a check. Your card can also be used at ATMs and it’s safer than carrying cash.

To download a complete application, click here. (PDF, 19KB)

Verified by Visa
“Verified by Visa” protects your card against unauthorized use when you shop online at participating retailers.

To register your Visa Debit card with Verified by Visa, click here.

If you have not registered your card and you attempt to make a purchase at a participating online retailer, you will be prompted to register before the purchase can be made.

Please contact the bank during normal business hours if you have problems registering, making a purchase with a participating Verified by Visa merchant, or if you have locked your Verified by Visa password.

MoneyPass ATM Cash Card—the ultimate convenience!
Draw cash whenever and wherever you need it. It’s accepted at ATMs worldwide and at thousands of surcharge-free ATMs across the nation.

Visit to find the MoneyPass ATM nearest you and apply today.